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Australian Beekeepers Direct

Australian Beekeepers DirectOur Bee Keeper, John grew up in Narromine and got hooked on beekeeping over 50 years ago. 

John hasn't always been a commercial beekeeper - He had a range of jobs over the years but keeping bees is always something he wanted to do and how he spent my spare time. So about 17 years ago, he made the big decision to go into it full-time. There was John and his two sons, Glenn and Kieren. They bought a truck and the basic extracting equipment and started up some hives and just got going.

They'd travel around the Central West finding sites for their hives and meeting lots of the landowners whose land we'd put our bees on.

John's favourite part is travelling round looking at sites, checking out what the trees are doing, figuring out what's going to be budding, whether there'll be honey flows, how long they'll last and planning what to do with the bees - whether to move them or not. John is not that keen on the extracting part once the hives are back in the extracting shed. It's hard work though and he is pleased to see the flow of honey and smell that same old fragrance that got him hooked in the first place.

What would he do if he retires? Probably keep bees! "Once you've got honey running in your veins you can't give it up." 

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