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Emilia's Saucy Australian

Emilia's Saucy AustralianRon and Emelia Prendergast became restaurateurs in the 1990's. After several years in the trade and many years of making condiments and sauce creations, Emelia's has produced a unique array of the finest products, culminating with what has become the culinary genius of the Saucy Australian.

Travelling the width and breadth of Australia, averaging well over 100,000km a year, they managed to introduce a large range of products to gourmet and speciality stores in every state and territory in Australia. From Melbourne to Maleny, Birdsville to Brisbane, Darwin to Darlinghurst, Perth to Port Fairy, Sydney to Sandy Bay - wherever you live, we have got you sauced.

Emelia's is one of only a handful of Sauce Manufacturers that can boast of being in virtually every town across this vast land.

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