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Our Paradise

A Dubbo Family Business

Paradise Fresh, a family business, operates from 140 Murgah Street Narromine . We offer a home delivered Fruit and Vegetable service either as a Pre packed Box of Fruit and Vegetables or you can Create Your Own Fruit and Vegetable Order which we will assemble and deliver to you at your most convenient time. We are


FRESHNESS is our Mantra. We are the LOCAL FRESHER FOOD SUPPLIERS!   We grow a large range of Leafy Vegetables ourselves so we know freshness and the importance of supporting and encouraging local growers. It forms the basis of our local economy assisting employment, keeping the money local and optimising freshness of the most perishable products! This website also provides wonderful information on the growers whose products we offer, giving you a perspective on their business and the background behind it. In the coming months we hope to add further producers to our business.

We are passionate about supporting local growers - buying directly from them to guarantee total freshness at the best possible price. What we can't source direct from growers we purchase through agents from Flemington Markets Syndey so we can offer a comprehensive range of the best quality Fruit & Vegetables.

We are Delivering Freshness to Your Door!


Ordering your box of fruit and veg (and other goodies) is simple.  Click on the Order Tab and make your selection.  Choose from a pre-packed box or create your own order.  

Once you've made your selection, choose your payment method, cash on delivery (COD) or our fully secured credit card facility. The choice is yours!

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